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Need of Discernment of The Spirits

by True Life in God Radio

Vassula sends this new article with the following words, “this is a new article to circulate widely”. Fr. Joseph and I worked hard to prepare it so that it is ready for distribution and to be translated. Many people unfortunately […]

Lent: Repentance & Forgiveness of Sin

by True Life in God Radio

During Lent, we are called to prayer, fasting, almsgiving, repentance of sin, penance, sacrifice and a renewal of faith. In True Life in God, Jesus also calls us to reconcile with our brothers. The division among the Christian churches is […]

True Life in God Messages Handwriting

by True Life in God Radio

The messages given to Vassula are written by her in a stately handwriting – distinct from her own – as she allows her hand to be supernaturally guided Many adults, including Vassula herself, have asked whether this is Jesus’ actual […]