• I am the Author of the Messages: 'True Life in God'
Broadcasts the prophetic messages that Vassula Rydén has been receiving from God since 1985
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True Life in God is My Message;

The LORD speaks: “True Life in God is My Message; it is not based on human doctrines or human regulations; it is based on My Love, it is based on Truth, it is based on the true doctrine, filled with […]

Little one do you know why I love you?

The LORD speaks: “little one do you know why I love you? here is one more reason; because you are My flower, allowing Me to prune you; allowing Me to feed you and allowing My Light to shine on you; […]

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Jesus come, Living One come!

10 March 1994, the Lord gives the prayer: “Jesus come, Living One come! O Emmanuel forgive me, take my weakness in Your Strength, take my drought in Your Fountain take my soul into Your Hands; Perpetual Source of Love, consume […]

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