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Broadcasts the prophetic messages that Vassula Rydén has been receiving from God since 1985
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Marina Hodgkin Passed Away

It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the sudden death in Brazil of Marina Hodgkin. She died from a heart attack on Sunday night. Funeral arrangements are unusual in Brazil in that they normally take place […]

My New Canticle of Love

Message given to Vassula on July 9, 2020   come daughter, have My Peace; hear Me and write: My New Canticle of Love that I have given you is a Gift that had been reserved for your times; it is […]

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My Lord, You who are Wisdom

17 November 1996, Vassula prays: My Lord, You who are Wisdom, You who are Life and Light within us, I praise Your Name Thrice Holy; Let all Goodness seduce my soul so that I may live in Your reflection; Omnipresence! […]

O Lord of all holiness

28 January 1997, the Lord gives the prayer: “O Lord of all holiness, preserve for ever from all profanation Your sanctuaries1 by purifying in Your Sacrificial Blood, their inner self from dead actions; amen;” ____________________ 1. 1 Co. 3:17: “The […]

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