Just some reflections on the recent decision in many dioceses to temporarily stop all public Masses:

Let us recall that the DAILY Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most formidable means to counteract the devastating effects and greatly diminish the power Satan acquires from the DAILY diabolic sacrifice of abortions. So how can the faithful who wish to attend daily Mass and receive Jesus be permitted to do so?

I offer the following and am open to welcome further reflections.

Rather then end the daily Perpetual Sacrifice, even temporarily, I suggest an approach in line with the selfless giving contained in the Gospels:

  1.  Churches place alcohol hand sanitizers (alcohol kills the corona virus) in place of the holy water fonts that are already empty during Lent, and reopen the church’s doors for Eucharistic adoration and Mass. The people are instructed one the importance of using said sanitizers upon entering and leaving the church. They may receive Communion (either under both species, just the Precious Blood or perhaps by adopting the method of intinction the Church has approved for the Syro-Malabaran rite). The sacristans sanitize those things with which people come in contact e.g., altar, ambo books, cruets, vessels with a 60% alcohol solution – most hand santizers contain more than 60% alcohol. The priest also washes his hands before and after Mass and sanitizes them.
  2.  Those who do not wish to go to Mass are reassured that they are not sinning. To avoid litigation from a citizen contracting the virus when attending Mass, the church may post a public document/statement affirming that each individual and not the church or diocese assumes the responsibility of attending Mass of their own accord despite the possibility of contracting the virus.
  3.  In the event of civil officials signing into law the prohibition of gatherings exceeding large numbers and/or confined to small spaces, churches can seek out inventive ways that do not violate civil ordinances by accommodating as best they can small numbers of the faithful in various locations and/or employing ordinary and extraordinary ministers to administer the Eucharist outside of the Mass.

In the end, God is pleased, the faithful are pleased, and the divine daily Sacrifice of the Mass continues to debilitate Satan’s power on earth that expands and increases from the diabolic daily sacrifice of abortions.

On a personal note, I applaud Pope Francis who walked through the empty streets of Rome and who reopened several churches despite the Italian prime minster’s ordinance that people remain at home.

In Christ,
Rev. joseph