It will be 33 years on November 28, 2018 since Vassula Rydén began receiving the divine messages of True Life in God (TLIG), which bear the Church’s Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat.

Scriptures, Matthew 8:4: Then Jesus said to him, “See that you tell no one, but go show yourself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses prescribed; that will be proof for them.”

Below is my testimony of the blessing I received from God through the hands of his prophet, Vassula Rydén.

I interviewed Vassula as a freelance newspaper journalist in the secular press when she gave a talk on the True Life in God messages, and her book Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell, in Toronto, Canada, in 2013.

I began reading the TLIG messages in 1996. As a Roman Catholic, I attended Mass on Sunday and received Holy Communion, but I had not been to Confession for many years. True Life in God brought me back to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and to the intimate friendship that our Lord desires of each one of us.

In the True Life in God messages, Jesus says:

I will show Myself to your society; I shall not conceal that I Am is the Author of True Life in God; this1 too is a gift from the Most High. (September, 21, 1993) My Holy Face will be revealed now and then through you and on you2 while you are caring My interests. (September 30, 1993) I will show to your society the brightness of your glorious body,3 that one of which is imperishable….. to show you My Way into My Kingdom allow Me to sanctify you;4 I will continue to cure your sick and My Name will be praised; hear Me: to extol My Name I will appear often in your place as a reminder of My Marvels and of the reality of My Presence; I will reveal Myself on you to show everyone how I am in you and you in Me, that they may believe that through your words, I Am. (October 13, 1994)

1. The fact that He shows Himself, appearing.
2. Many times Jesus or our Blessed Mother efface me and Their Image appears to people, instead.
3. Many people in different countries witnessed this. They saw my face very bright, like porcelain, like light coming from within, and as though a young girl.
4. By purifications, and trials.

I attended Vassula’s talk on the True Life in God messages, in Toronto, in 2006. When she prayed over me with a relic of the True Cross, I was slain in the Spirit and participated in the Lord’s Passion—in the healing power of the Cross.

During that time, I witnessed the phenomenon of bright light coming from Vassula—she was radiating—her face took on the appearance of porcelain, and she looked very young.

While resting in the Spirit, I lay on my back, knees angled to the right, and my head reposed to the left. For well over an hour, I remained in this position, as though frozen. I could not speak, it took all of my strength to whisper even a couple of words, I felt tears on my face, and my mouth was parched. I must have been fighting the Spirit at first because a young man, who is now a priest, came to me and said: ‘Don’t fight the Spirit.’

Another man, who has also entered the priesthood, and a woman from the Toronto TLIG prayer group, knelt beside me and took my hands. The woman asked me if I was in pain, but I was not. As they began to pray the Hail Mary, I felt a surge of power welling up within me. I wanted to tell them to let go of my hands but I was unable to speak. Suddenly, my hands, still holding their hands, pushed up into the air.

About a month later, I was talking with the lady from the Toronto TLIG prayer group and I questioned her as to why she had asked me if I was in pain. She said that my hands were so twisted it looked like I had rheumatoid arthritis, and my face was pulled back as though I were in pain. She also said that on that day Vassula had told her to ‘take care of that woman’—I am that woman.

In Christ,
Michelle Wright