During Lent, we are called to prayer, fasting, almsgiving, repentance of sin, penance, sacrifice and a renewal of faith.

In True Life in God, Jesus also calls us to reconcile with our brothers. The division among the Christian churches is a sin because it proves that love and tolerance are missing among us — we are being disobedient to God’s Will. This division has extended into families and between nations.

Jesus: today again, in these days of lent I come to you My child, sinner, just or unjust, or repelled from humanity, or tossed around one way or another in this world, I come to ask you for your reconciliation, go and reconcile with your brother, for in reconciling with him you are reconciling with Me your God; offer Me your peace as I offer you My Peace, imitate Me and be holy, sacrifice and fast so that you may grow in My Spirit which is: Love, Holiness and Truth; (True Life in God, March 10, 1990)

St. Mary: beloved children, I ask you today to purify your soul, prepare your soul in these days of lent so that you understand and fully penetrate into Christ’s Passion; understand how He sacrificed Himself for you in order to set you free from all wickedness and to purify you so that you could be His adoptive children; God asks your reconciliation and to do penance, repent, and believe the Good News, be reconciled to God and you shall become His heirs for the Eternal Life; God wants you perfect and to reach perfection I will remind you that you cannot reach it without having reconciled through Him and for Him; (True Life in God, March 10, 1990)

True repentance is an act of humility that will bring tears of remorse to our eyes. God is most loving, merciful and forgiving. When a repentant sinner confesses his sins with remorse, God shows His mercy, pardoning us immediately and forgetting our sins.

Jesus: I ask nothing of My children that they have not already; if they have but faults and sins let them give them to Me and I will purify them, I will unburden them, I will forgive them, I will not blame them, I will only love them, I love all those who fall and come to Me asking for forgiveness, I love them still more. I will never reject them even if they fall millions of times, I will be there to forgive them and wash in My Blood their iniquities, never will I weary in pardoning them for I am a God of Love and Mercy, I am full of pity for the weak; My Heart is Holy and an abyss of Forgiveness; (True Life in God, January 30, 1987)

Christ calls us to repentance and frequent confession. Going to confession is in obedience to God and if we accept it fully, we give more space to God so it is to our advantage.

I have given you all My Law, this Law is to be obeyed by all of you, I have given you teachers who minister in My Church, these are to guide you and teach you all how important it is to Receive Me in Holy Communion; … obey My words of My Last Supper, and when you come to Me, make sure before, how you will receive Me, examine yourselves, recollect yourselves, honour Me fully by repenting and often confessing; I have given you confessors, when, My beloved ones, you are confessing to him you are only confessing to Me, it is to Me you are confessing; (Jesus, True Life in God, September 29, 1988)

I, Saint Michael am near you, to defend you; pray without cease, your prayers are needed more than ever these days of Lent; (Saint Michael the Archangel, True Life in God, March 1, 1989)

Let us be in a state of prayer and repentance, repeating these words in our heart: Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me the sinner.

Prayer: Holy Father, keep those you have given Me true

In Christ,
Michelle Wright