Vassula Rydén never imagined that God would call her to fulfil the mission of delivering His Message for unity of the Christian churches and for Christians to return to Him, which He named True Life in God (TLIG), to the world for these End of Times.

An accomplished woman—wife, mother of two sons, inspired artist and tennis champion—Vassula’s life took a dramatic turn on November 28, 1985. Since then, she has crossed the globe giving over 1,125 talks on the TLIG messages in approximately 87 countries. Vassula does not receive any personal royalties, fees or benefit for her efforts. She witnesses because she said ‘yes’ to Christ’s call: evangelize with love for Love. (Jesus, True Life in God, October 14, 1991)

it had been said that at the end of times, Our Two Hearts would raise apostles, and they would be called: apostles of the end of times; these would be instructed by the Queen of Heaven and by Myself, to go forward in every nation, to proclaim without fear the Word of God, even when they would be drenched with blood, by the Enemy’s vicious attacks, they shall not be broken; (Jesus, True Life in God, April 3, 1996)

Vassula, a Greek Orthodox Christian, has met with government and religious leaders of all faiths, including two cardinals who were later elected as popes, patriarchs, archbishops and bishops. She has also given several media interviews to journalists worldwide.

I interviewed Vassula as a freelance journalist for a newspaper article when she gave a witnessing talk on True Life in God and her book Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell, in Toronto, Canada, in 2013. Two things about the interview stand out in my mind. First, Vassula’s depth of knowledge and understanding of the TLIG messages surpasses anyone else—her explanations are profound and crystal clear. Second, as the gentleness of her voice washed over me, I felt an unfamiliar sense of peace.

Vassula’s mission—it will be 33 years this November 28, 2018—has been difficult. While she receives support from several church authorities, and the True Life in God messages have been granted the Church’s Magisterial seals of the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat, Vassula continues to be falsely accused, misjudged, persecuted and condemned by some clergy and laity. But, so were the disciples and many saints. Didn’t Jesus also suffer the same plight?

always remember this: the Messiah had been persecuted, treated too as an imposter, His disciples too; child! you are from Me and since you come from the Messiah, you shall suffer too as He suffered, not that I had not warned you before, this is just a reminder; (Jesus, True Life in God, July 23, 1994)

Despite the persecution and many other obstacles she has suffered throughout her mission, Vassula courageously carries on, following in Christ’s footprints in humble and faithful obedience to His Will. In the True Life in God message of December 24, 1991, Jesus says: daughter, follow My blood-stained Footprints and pronounce My Holy Name in any gathering.


In Christ,
Michelle Wright