A letter from Vassula

Dear friends, Tomorrow I will be sending out for distribution the latest messages. Also I would like to remind you of the message below of October 10, 1990 from the Virgin Mary, we need fervent [...]

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Vassula on Interfaith Dialogues

There is an account in the Medjugorje literature of our Blessed Mother telling the visionaries that a Muslim woman named Pasha is the holiest person in the village. The visionaries responded, “But Pasha is a [...]

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Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur

On this day of May 13, 2017 I wish to address the Catholic Church’s present-day position on the prophetic revelations of God to Vassula Rydén contained in the publication, “True Life in God”. This present-day [...]

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Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi on Vassula’s writings

https://tligradio.org/audio_mp3/English/Epistles/Fr%20J%20Iannuzzi%20Feb%2015th%202016.mp3 Recently I received emails from individuals from various countries asking me if the private revelation received on February 13, 2016 by Vassula Ryden (see below) is indeed an authentic one. As a theologian in [...]

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