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Vassula on Interfaith Dialogues

by True Life in God Radio

There is an account in the Medjugorje literature of our Blessed Mother telling the visionaries that a Muslim woman named Pasha is the holiest person in the village. The visionaries responded, “But Pasha is a Muslim,” and Mary acknowledged this […]

As easy as drinking water – Afshin Javid

by True Life in God Radio

A letter from Vassula: Dear friends, In our Pilgrimage of Russia we invited Afshin Javid, an Iranian ex Moslem, who worked for Hezbollah and who became Christian after meeting Jesus physically in his prison cell. His story is amazing! He […]

Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur

by True Life in God Radio

On this day of May 13, 2017 I wish to address the Catholic Church’s present-day position on the prophetic revelations of God to Vassula Rydén contained in the publication, “True Life in God”. This present-day position is summarized in the […]

Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi on Vassula’s writings

by True Life in God Radio

https://tligradio.org/audio_mp3/English/Epistles/Fr%20J%20Iannuzzi%20Feb%2015th%202016.mp3 Recently I received emails from individuals from various countries asking me if the private revelation received on February 13, 2016 by Vassula Ryden (see below) is indeed an authentic one. As a theologian in dogmatic and mystical theology, conversant […]