Vassula sends the attached important article and asks for it to be spread. Copied below are the first two paragraphs from the article:

Among the many messages of True Life in God that have been given to us all these years, I quickly went through some of them that seem to be prophesying what is happening in our days with COVID-19. The Lord has been calling us since 1985 out of His exuberant Love in His messages to repentance, to a life of prayer, to make peace with Him. He has been calling His Church to unite, and unite the dates of Easter! He was trying ever so hard to drag us out of our apostasy and our complacency. He has become a beggar for our sake! The Lord was trying to show us that the real danger to life is not the threat to death but the bad choice of choosing to live without God.

I was asked by the Lord to make His messages known around the world. I did my best, as did the collaborators that were chosen by our Lord. There were results, but not as many as the Lord wanted because of the accumulation of calumnies, slander and persecutions these divine messages received from various sources, limiting thus their diffusion. What have we gained? What have we gained in creating obstacles in our incredulity so that the Voice of the Lord would not be heard as it should have been heard? The Lord, afflicted, had been trying all these years to break through our deafness and through our apathy to lead us to Him, to lead us to Life. He was trying to cleanse from our eyes the scales encrusted by the dust of our apostasy. Our incredulity did us no good… [Read the whole article]