Dear friends,

Soon, we will be celebrating the 35th Anniversary of TLIG, so allow me to write to all of you a few words. We must remember to take strength from the grace which is in Jesus and remember that Love and Faith will triumph in the end, this is Christ’s Message, this is Christ’s promise!

Taking pity on us, Christ has come to us through His calling, in the darkness we were living in, and in spite of our unworthiness, He has given us His Light into our hearts to renew and heal our soul, so that we, in our turn may be able to win people over to Him. It is all God’s work.

And so, with the fear of the Lord always in mind, let us with courage continue evangelizing with love, as we always did, to keep winning hearts for Christ, because God’s Message cannot be chained up, even if we, ourselves, are sort of ‘chained up’ (lockdown) in these times of trial, but it won’t be for long, because, Jesus’ Return is imminent.

Remember back in the 80’s, God’s Words, when He said with bitterness and sadness: “Fastidious you have become generation,” and “Your era is filled with dead words…”

It was said that in the Last Days people will draw upon themselves all sorts of calamities and nature will turn against us, with catastrophes due to their sinfulness and their apostasy, and to their non-repentant hearts. The world is tired of the wickedness of man. Christ had foretold us that great tribulations will also arise and hit the foundations of the Church, and that Cardinals will turn against Cardinals and Bishops against Bishops, and that people will not accept the Truth that Christ has given us, but their ears will be itching for any novelty, according to their taste.

We notice them today, they keep searching for something different, something sensational, something new, never deepening their faith in Christ; well, don’t be one of them to be deceived and to turn away and follow a path that’s not from God or follow a false Christ. For those that the Messages of TLIG do not appeal to them anymore, then they should focus and read the Bible. Jesus Christ does not change, as He was in the past, He is the same today and will always be the same. The TLIG Messages are a respell and a reminder of His Word.

Here is some good news: I have written to both Archbishops, Felix Toppo and Arguelles if they are willing to extend their Seal of Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur for the new messages after reading them; both accepted willingly.

So now only from January 2021 the new messages following the One Book can be printed with the same approved Seals. The new messages should not be added into the One Book for the simple reason that it is already too full and heavy, but a new Second Book should be printed similar in quality and color to the One Book.  In that Second Book we will keep adding later on again any new message that will be given by Christ only when I say it, as they would need again to be checked and given the Seals of approval.

So, let us give thanks to Christ and praise His Name, who protects His Work, and to our Blessed Mother to whom I confided this Work (TLIG) from the very beginning to watch over it! Never forgetting the grace that was given to us, to be God’s ambassadors chosen by Christ among thousands to spread those divine seeds around the world.

Keep reminding everyone to seriously start looking for heavenly things that last forever, and to stop searching for earthly things that never last but perish. Persevere in good faith and praise the Lord who made our crooked paths straight. Remember always who your Teacher was and is: Jesus Christ!

Maranatha! The Lord’s coming will be soon. Lo tedhal… (do not be afraid) as Jesus says…

God bless, all of you,

In Christ,