Launch of the German channel

We would like to announce the launch of the German channel, enjoy listening to the Messages of God in German! Spread the good news!

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Christ’s Agony in Gethesthimani

There is only one word to describe this piece of artwork: Breathtaking! Each print  is hand signed and authorized by the artist, Vassula Ryden, as a faithful reproduction of the original oil painting.

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Pray LIVE the Holy Rosary

Pray the Holy Rosary with us every Sunday. It is transmitted LIVE at 7:30 pm London time on TLIG Radio, English Channel. The group praying consists of people from many countries and you can write prayer [...]

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TLIG Mobile App

With the TLIG App for the iPhone and Android smartphones you can now read all the True Life In God prophetic messages on your device wherever you are. Read more here...

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Live Rosary prayers stop for summer

The International live Rosary will not be LIVE till end of August. The Rosary Team wishes all our listeners happy and blessed summer holidays. We are looking forward to greeting and welcoming you all online [...]

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TLIG Radio Filipino Channel

We invite you to visit the new TLIG Radio Filipino channel and listen to the True Life in God messages in Tagalog. Spread the good news!

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Pray with us…

DO NOT miss today’s LIVE International Rosary on the English TLIG Radio channel, at 7:30 pm London time. We keep praying for the people in Nepal.

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Have a blessed Easter!

Happy Easter to you and your family as we celebrate our Father’s greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Easter!

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