18 June 1992, Vassula prays:

Yes Lord!
Come and melt our hearts,
show us my King, my God,
the Riches of Your Sacred Heart.
Show us the Light in Your Face.
Let us understand that You, my God,
are looking down from heaven
to see if a single one is left with faith, with love,
and if a single one is seeking You.

Blessed be Your Name,
blessed be our Lord, our Redeemer, Emmanuel,
for He has sung to us His Love Hymn,
even as He proclaimed by the mouth of His prophets
that He would return,
thus He prepares us now for this encounter.

And You, Blessed Mother,
You who gave us our Redeemer,
once more You are with us
preparing the way for the Lord
and preparing us to meet Him.

And the Lord, out of His Infinite Mercy,
will visit us to give us light in our darkness
and guide our feet into the way of Peace, Love and Unity.
“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and peace to men who enjoy His favour.”1

1. Lk. 2:14

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