10 December 1990, Vassula prays:

Praised be the Lord!
You have asked me to be the slave of Your Love;
since I am not worthy to be Your slave, the slave of God,
lead me into Your purifying Fire and refine me, my King,
as gold is refined
so that I am able to glorify You,
for I am only committing sin after sin.
Out of pity, Lord, allow Your Light to shine in my darkness.

Teach me to be the victim of Your Heart,
and embrace Your Cross ardently and not with consternation,
while on the road to Calvary,
this road that leads to happiness since it’s The Path of Holiness
and one which You, as the Perfect Victim, first trod on.
I am constantly sinning,
yet You do not punish me as my sin deserves,
You are sparing me without cease,
and You allow Your Light to be in me;
this is why I know that: God is on my side.

Now I must fulfil the vows I made You
in the consecration to Your Sacred Heart;
allow me to stay in Your Tent forever,
allow me to cling on You and gaze on Your Holy Face
and I will bless You all my life,
and my soul will feast in Your Love and in Your Presence.

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