6 January 1991, Vassula prays:

O God!
let me be part of this Celestial Family!
So pray for me Holy Angels,
pray for me to be with you in heaven one day
and join you together with the saints,
in a constant adoration to the Holy One.
Pray for me, saints of the Most High,
to learn to love God to perfection.

O sweet Holy Mother
intercede for me and teach me
to be submissive to my Father and obedient,
that I may do His Will.

O Holy Trinity,
Source of Sublime Love,
Fountain of Inexhaustible Tenderness,
come and teach me to be intimate with You,
uniting me in Your Spirit of Love.
O make me ready for this Hour
because the night is almost over
and the real Light is soon to come.

Holy Father,
I pray not only for myself,
but for all mankind too;
Since we are all Your children,
I pray and ask You to look upon us with Mercy,
Eternal Father, teach us to love one another,
so that we may do Your Holy Will,
and be rightfully called Your children.

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