20 September 1989, the Lord gives the prayer:

1My Lord,
You who are the Root of the Tree of Life
and Love in Itself
and that from Your Fruit, You are giving us an Everlasting Life,
be blessed.
Your leaves that never wither or dry
are made out of pure white Gold
and from Them emanate a vivid Light.
I adore, I hope, I believe and I love You,
please forgive those who do not adore,
do not hope, do not believe nor love You.
Look after us, Immanuel.
I bless You, I bless You,
You who are my Counsellor during the nights,
filling me with ceaseless prayers, praying over me.
I know that You will not abandon my soul,
since You are revealing Your Path of Life to us,
our hand in Your Hand.
Save us in Your Love;
You are the Source of our hope
to see the New Heavens and the New Earth, Lord.

1. Interior vision of The Tree of Life.

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