20 October 1998, Vassula prays:

My Lord and my God,
You are truly most Beautiful,
and immersed in Your Beauty
You are Divine and Pure;
how am I and all the others
not to fall in love with Your Sweetness?
Gracefulness is a dew upon Your Lips,
and in Your majesty and splendour
You have blessed us, courted us, favoured us
and covered us with innumerable gifts,
not only to resemble Your angels,
but to resemble You;

Your Word is like a brocade
which You have clothed me with,
adorning my soul for Your majesty;
and all of this You have done
with the greatest delight,
and with no thought
that You might have been cheapening
Your Sceptre of Your kingship!

God has anointed me ….

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