2 June 1994, Vassula prays:

Lord, my God,
You who rejoice to give Your gifts in secret,
I ask You so much to give to all souls the greatest gift:
the gift that transfigures our stained image
into the brightness of Your Divine Image.
Turn us into Your reflection
so that we penetrate into Your Divinity.
Just as in the Day of Your Transfiguration,
let this become for us
a second new feast of transfiguration
so that we too may hear
those words from the Father:
“These are my sons and daughters, the beloved;
they enjoy My favour; listen to them.”
Then let us go out,
with Your Spirit of Truth
to tell of Your mighty deeds.
Let it be the Transfiguration of all the world;1
and in our transfiguration we will learn to love,
and love will lead us to eternal life.

1. Allusion to Rv. 21.

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