3 July 1996, Vassula prays:

I thank You that You are pouring out
Your Riches, Your Gifts and Your Favours on us, O Lord!

With the Power of Your Spirit,
You will destroy the wisdom of the wise
and bring to nothing all the learning of the learned;
You will scatter the philosophers and bring them down;

O Holy One, come!
demonstrate the Power of Your Power,1
demonstrate the Power of Your Holy Spirit,
demonstrate the Power of Your Goodness,
demonstrate the Power of Your Faithfulness,
Your Intimacy, Your Joy, and Your Love;

Leavened we must become;2
grant us then this favour, O Lord,
grant us this favour to overpower evil,
and get rid of all the old yeast of evil and wickedness
that still remains in us,
by replacing it by a fresh batch of yeast!

1. Meaning: “demonstrate the Power of Your Kingdom”.
2. Allusion to Lk. 13:20, the parable of the yeast.

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