17 July 1996, Vassula prays:

I give thanks and praise
to the awe-inspiring Lord,
so stupendously great;

Look! the One who flashes His Rays
dazzling my eyes,
is none other but my Father!

O Brilliant Adornment of the Heavens!
The greatness of Your Name liberated me,
and by raising my ear just a little,
I received Your Word from Your Mouth;

and now: I sing for joy to God, my Father!

I shout in triumph to the Anointed One,
Jesus Christ, my Saviour!

My Promised One,1
O Delight of the delights!
I love You for making me Your friend;

and now, I call out with all my heart:
“Amen! my zeal is burning me up
to announce and proclaim Your Faithful Love!

“I shall do Your Will
and I shall bring as many as possible
in union with Your Oneness,
so that they too will be filled
with the absolute fullness of Your Trinitarian Holiness.”

1. Allusion to Ep. 1:13.

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