23 September 1991, Vassula prays:

All day long, I sigh for You,
my Yahweh, my own,
Your love that You showed me
I cannot forget. – Never –
Your Kindness, my Yahweh, my own,
I shall remember as long as I live.

I pine away with love for You,
my Yahweh, day after day,
and I no longer wish to associate myself
in this world that wounds You,
and to know that I am among the first who wound You …
My soul wants to proclaim all Your wonders to the world
and my feet want to run to the hill-tops and cry out to the world:

“Your Creator is Your Husband!
His Name, Yahweh Sabaoth.
Yes, like a forsaken wife, distressed in spirit,
Yahweh calls you back.
Does a man cast off the wife of his youth?
says your God.”1
Yet I fear, O my Yahweh, my Abba and my own.

My soul yearns and pines away for Your House and
all I long for now is to be with You.
So do not ask me why my spirit is downcast
since my sighs are no secret for You
and all that I sigh for is known to You:
my soul awaits You, my Yahweh,
come and invade me; come and consume me.

1. Is. 54:5-6.

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