2 September 1996, the Lord gives the prayer:

ah, my Lord,
how awesome You are
You disperse Your enemies like smoke,
Holy be Your Name thrice Holy;
Your uprightness glorifies You
in our wickedness,
Your faithfulness glorifies You
in our unfaithfulness;

let all hearts seek You my Lord,
and call on Your Name;
let the one who never sought You find You,
so that he too, in Your Presence, will say:

“in God alone are saving justice and strength;
in God alone is my life, my joy and my peace,
with whom can you compare Him?
with whom can you equate Him?
I have blossomed in His Salvation
and rejoice now in His Great Love,
Glory be to the Highest,
Glory be to my God thrice Holy;”

Lord, there is no other but You,
and I will proclaim Your Saving Justice
till the end;

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