Ah, my Lord Most High!

12 August 1998, Vassula prays: Ah, my Lord Most High! my eyes are fixed on You; my whole mind and heart as well .... You have truly captured my heart in Your Divine Love and [...]

August 12th, 1998|0 Comments

My Psalm and my Hymn, My Amen

18 February 1997, Vassula prays: My Psalm and my Hymn, My Amen, My Brother, my Sister and Friend My Father and Mother, My Sweet Fragrance and my Incense, My Sunshine and my Light, My Brilliant [...]

February 18th, 1997|0 Comments

Jesus my Light

18 May 1993, the Lord gives the prayer: Jesus my Light, Jesus my Guide, I love You, because You showed me the Way, Holy Spirit, my Holy Companion and my Friend, You who whisper in [...]

May 18th, 1993|0 Comments
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