Vassula is asking TLIG readers to join our brothers the Jews to ask Jesus, who is the Messiah, to bring forth His Return soon in Glory. The Jews will be asking for the Messiah to show Himself.

Vassula writes:

From all around the world our Jewish brothers and sisters have an awakening call in pleading for the Coming of the Messiah. The date they chose is on February 21 at 4 p.m. (GMT) (check your time zone) that all around the world they will unanimously pray asking for Him to come – asking God to finally send them the “Messiah” who will heal the world and bring peace.

We as Christians, know and believe that Jesus Christ who came is the Messiah. However, Jesus repeatedly had been announcing His Return in the True Life in God messages and that it is imminent.  So, I propose that on Sunday February 21 we join wholeheartedly and unite with our Jewish brothers and sisters that will be in prayer, who will be imploring God to send the Messiah, while we, as Christians, we would be imploring Jesus’ Return to come in glory, his Parousia (cf. Rev 22:17, 20). Would then Jesus not be touched?

Watch please this video:

In Christ,


Here is the prayer for us to say


The Prayer for Christians:

First pray the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father who art in Heaven etc.



Lord, God and Master of the Universe,
We who are all Your children, united around the world,
at this moment call out to You,
Please accept our prayer with grace and kindness,

We sincerely thank You for all Your daily blessings,
We thank You for having come to redeem us on Your Cross,
and forgive us our trespasses; 

We now beg You to Return to us in Your Mercy
lifting us from this long suffering and 
bringing peace to the world, healing it;

We desire that that You reveal in Your Return,
Your Holy Name to all those who do not yet know You,
May Your Kingdom come!

… Maranatha