Yahweh is our Father before our earthly father — He is Father of all humanity. Our Heavenly Father is merciful, gentle, patient and slow to anger, but quick to forgive and forget.

Jesus says: you are not fatherless, you have a Father in Heaven who loves you infinitely, and His name is like myrrh pouring out of Him to anoint you and bless you; (True Life in God message, January 22, 1990)

When the Father first approached Vassula, He said, ‘Behold, I am your Father.’ Vassula says it was like she woke up from amnesia and recognized her Father. She knew He was her Father before her father on earth. She felt so comfortable, so at ease, so familiar. It gave Vassula so much joy when He said, ‘I am Your Father. You belong to Me. You come from Me. You descend from Me. You are Mine. You are My Seed.’

Jesus describes the Father as: a King, yet so motherly, a Judge, yet so tender and loving, the Alpha and the Omega, yet so meek; (True Life in God message, August 10, 1994)

Since we come from the Father, He tells us that we are of Royal Descent — that we descend from Sovereignty, that we are His sons and daughters! Through His divine union with us, God draws us into a parental love and we become an adoptive son and daughter of the Most High — a god by participation.

In the True Life in God message of December 13, 2015, the Father said: ah, Vassula, I am your Father, your Creator, so am I not to love My child and the one I created? you belong to Me; all of you belong to Me! indeed I am in you and you are in Me;

One day, without meaning to, Vassula found herself, in a very natural way, calling God as ‘Daddy’ in Greek. She was worried that she had offended God by calling Him ‘Dad’ and later on apologized to Him. But, God seemed very pleased and said: Vassula, when you called Me, ‘baba’, I received this word as a jewel; (True Life in God message, April 26, 1988)

Many of us are familiar with the parable of the prodigal son in Scriptures (Luke 15:11–32).

In the True Life in God message of March 18, 1987, the Father said:

do you know of the parable of the prodigal son, Vassula?

yes, some of it.

he had sinned, but how did his father receive him?

with great joy?

more than that, he received him with great love, and celebrated this event.

Grieve Me not My beloved ones and come back to Me, I will not refuse you, I will welcome you in My embrace. Return to Me without fear.

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In Christ,
Michelle Wright