When we turn on our TVs or computers, we are being inundated with daily breaking news reports and images of deadly hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, flooding, drought, atrocities and war.

Several True Life in God (TLIG) messages refer to these End of Times, which is not the end of the world but the end of an era, as Jesus and our Blessed Mother prepare us all to enter into the era of Love and Peace, the New Heavens and the New Earth that have been promised to us long ago.

The two signs of these End of Times are the Great Apostasy and the Spirit of Rebellion. The Great Apostasy is when someone who is baptized Christian voluntarily and willingly rejects the Divine Truth. The Spirit of Rebellion can be seen everywhere — this generation is no longer following the Ten Commandments.

Because of the evil of this world, our apostasy and lack of repentance, nature is rebelling, and there is no peace — instead, there are more and more natural catastrophes and wars.

I tell you solemnly, that if the earth is covered with disasters today, it is the fruit of its apostasy. (Jesus, True Life in God, January 22, 1990)

The TLIG messages are not prophecies of doom and gloom — they are messages of Hope. God gives them to us in these Times of Mercy because He wants to start renewing His creation and the Church. As evil in the world increases, God as never before in history is sending upon mankind His Holy Spirit, bringing about a New Pentecost.

In the TLIG message of August 6, 1991, Jesus says: these Times of Mercy and Grace are almost over; …. and you, My beloved ones, your duty is to go and spread these Messages of the Second Pentecost, and what the Spirit teaches;

The division among the Christian Churches has brought a general apostasy in the Christian world. But God gives us much encouragement for unity in the TLIG messages. On February 9, 2016, Jesus said in a TLIG message: look, for the sake of my Holy Name I will bring the House of the East together with the House of the West; have I not foretold you this? [1] I have told you that you should esteem yourselves blessed for soon My Father will work miracles and that He will grant you who seek unity, a victory unprecedented; this was the result, daughter, of those sincere hearts who prayed for unity, yes! indeed God’s favour as I said would be shown soon…

In the TLIG messages, Vassula describes a vision she was given warning of a global ‘hurricane of fire’ as a chastisement which is still to come if mankind refuses to repent. Vassula also tells of this ‘fire’ in her book Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account Of What Is To Come.

The TLIG messages also prophesize that Russia will lead the world spiritually. Russia will govern the rest of My children in Holiness. (Jesus, True Life in God, October 20, 1992)

On July 29, 2014, Jesus said in a TLIG message: My magnificent works in that nation [2] are not yet accomplished; I tell you: I will give them Knowledge to establish My Name where My Name is repelled; …. daughter, I had given in the past an oath, to raise My daughter, Russia, into a glorious nation and so I have; this is only the beginning;

And, on April 8, 2014, Jesus said in a TLIG message: soon, yes, your soon, the earth will be put aflame, as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah that My Father overthrew, then I will show My Glory through the Eastern House; [3]

The Lord says that before this generation passes away, all that He has been telling us in the TLIG messages will have taken place and we will know that He is the Author of True Life in God.

And, in the TLIG message of January 31, 1990, our Blessed Mother said: I therefore implore you for your conversion before the day of purification, because the time is pressing and I tell you that before this generation has passed away, all that I have been telling you through my chosen souls, will have taken place; from the time at Fatima to this day.

In Christ,
Michelle Wright

[1] Message of the 2nd June, 2015
[2] Russia
[3] Russian Church