The month of June is dedicated to the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Catholic Church. The Feast of the Sacred Heart is celebrated 19 days after Pentecost Sunday, and this year falls on Friday, June 23, 2017.

The Orthodox Church honours Jesus as the Almighty, the Pantocrator, but does not have the devotion to the Sacred Heart. After Vassula’s purification, Jesus presented Himself to her as the Sacred Heart, first, because the devotion to the Sacred Heart is an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and, secondly, to bring to her, an Orthodox, the awareness of a very Catholic devotion to show us He makes no distinction among us.

Jesus tells us in True Life in God (TLIG) that His Sacred Heart is our Home; our Refuge; the balm to our wounds; our Heaven; our Paradise, our Kingdom; our Inheritance, our Place-of-Rest for Eternity. Divine revelations come from His Sacred Heart. The Lord in His Mercy has given mankind the treasure of True Life in God directly from His Sacred Heart.

On November 28, 1996, the 11th anniversary of True Life in God, Jesus said in a TLIG message: My Sacred Heart is like a tree filled with fruit, with rich foliage in which you can take shelter beneath Its branches; the fire from My Heart is the power to give you light in your soul, not even the most blazing stars could ever illuminate the dreadful night of your soul as the fire coming from within My Heart; indeed, the fire of My Sacred Heart is a thousand times more resplendent than the sun; it is like putting a thousand times more than all the constellations of the universe together;

with Me are divine love, divine mercy, divine fruit, divine light, divine sweetness, divine springs, divine wealth, enriching those who approach Me, filling their treasuries with My purity; anxious to save My people from death, I said: “I shall come to them with My Heart in My Hand and open My Heart like a reservoir and immerse them with My divine Treasures; I will come upon them like a huge ocean, to fortify them;”

In True Life in God, Christ has revealed some of the endless hidden Riches—the Treasures—of His Sacred Heart that are reserved for our times. Vassula explains that the greatest Treasure is the Possession of God Himself, which is to know God and to understand Him, and then to possess Him. He invites us to share in those Treasures:

  • the Treasure of the Knowledge of God and of understanding Him
  • the Treasure of intimacy and of how to possess God
  • the Treasure of Mercy
  • the Treasure of the Path of Virtues
  • the Treasure of Hope that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Jesus says: My daughter, love Me and I shall continue to pour out to you the Riches of My Sacred Heart, all this Wealth that had been reserved for your Times; I had once said that from My Sacred Heart I will perform at the End of Times, works as never before, works that will marvel you, to show the radiant glory of My Sacred Heart; I had promised that I would expose My Sacred Heart entirely and wholeheartedly to entice hearts because My words are sweeter than honey; True Life in God message (August 20, 1991)

Jesus also tells us: enjoy these Inexhaustible riches that I had reserved for your times now and show them to the world, this world that has grown cold and is dead to love; show My Inexhaustible Treasure to every nation and tell them that greater gift than My Sacred Heart they could not receive; True Life in God message (November 18, 1996)

In the True Life in God message of May 5, 1992, Jesus said: My child, I give you My Peace, write: I am your King, and I am here to mark a Cross on the foreheads of all those who are sincere and who truly love Me; you are to say with Me the consecration of My Sacred Heart [1] and while you are saying it, I will, with My Finger, be marking you with My Sign; My Cross will be the Sign between you and Me; and I will love you with all My Heart, and I will guard you and fragrance you with My Fragrance;

[1] Consecration dictated to me by the Sacred Heart on January 26, 1992.

When you pray the Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, remember to replace Vassula’s name with your own.

In Christ,
Michelle Wright

Novena of Confidence to the Sacred Heart
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