6 – Will I, brother, one more season go through the pain I have been going through year after year? or will you give Me rest this time? am I going to drink one more season the Cup of your division? or will you rest My Body and unify, for My sake, the Feast of Easter? in unifying the date of Easter, you will alleviate My pain, brother, and you will rejoice in Me and I in you. (Jesus, TLIG message – Oct. 14, 1991)

6. My Jesus, in saying all this, had taken the voice of a victim. Weary, begging, as though He depended on us. Like a prisoner in a cell going to the door of his cell and asking the guard, from the little window, how much longer yet was his sentence, before the day of his liberation.

On Sunday, April 16, 2017, Christians will celebrate Holy Easter. Most years though, because of the liturgical calendars, the Feast of Easter falls on a different date for Catholics and Protestants than for the Orthodox. Christ has been asking His shepherds now for over 30 years in the True Life in God (TLIG) messages to repent and to reconcile, and unify the dates of Easter.

Our division is a sin because it proves that love and tolerance is missing within us. To the world, it is scandalous that we have two Crucifixions and two Resurrections. Satan encourages division and is now more than ever fighting God’s plan of salvation. A divided Church is a weak Church. Jesus is asking for a unity of the heart from His Church. This division extends into our families, relationships, friends and governments.

Jesus says: love Me …. let your heart be My fragrance, fragrance that will draw My House into one, fragrance that can bring My shoot from the East to call out: “the Amen wants His Promise to be fulfilled, the Risen Christ is at our very doors with sorrow in His Eyes …. for we have doubled His agony, His Cross, and His Crucifixion;

“the Holy One is at my doors, Brother,11 like the Appearance to His disciples, He tells me: ‘peace be with you; as the Father sent Me I am sending you,12 go now and meet your Brother and unite the dates of Easter, then I shall give you the gift of love and restore your sight.’” (TLIG message – Dec. 7, 1994)

11. Roman Catholics.
12. Jn. 20:21.

Christ wants us to be humble participants in this work for unity and says that those who work for unity should work first on unifying the dates of Easter. Once this step has been taken, Christ promises us in TLIG that He will send His Holy Sprit in great force to unite His Church in our diversity, and bring a period of peace to the world. We are assured of unity because Jesus has promised it.

“The hour has come for My Body to be glorified; men shall soon learn in which way I wish them to unite, My Way will not be their way ….  now I have revealed My desires to them, I have revealed My Heart to them; with My Power I shall unify the dates of Easter, it will not be forced upon you, I shall find a means with Peace; yes, with immense power I shall surprise you; today I have told them which course to take, and tomorrow I will lead them where I chose.” (TLIG message – Jan. 27, 1992)

We are asked in True Life in God to pray for unity. During this Lenten season, we can offer up extra prayers and fasting for the intention of glorifying God by uniting the dates of Easter.

Jesus says: Orthodox! Catholics! Protestants! You all belong to Me! You are all One in My Eyes! I do not make any distinction, so then why fear? (TLIG message – Oct. 27, 1987)

Unity will come only when all of us will truly begin to love Jesus Christ. What are we waiting for?

In Christ,
Michelle Wright