TLIG Radio is a non-profit online radio station that is supported by volunteers. We need your help to carry on the mission to spread the True Life in God messages, a hymn of love, peace and reconciliation for ALL nations.

It is now very important for us to find individuals or groups or any businesses that have not found a charity to support, to help back us. We need to pay critically needed utilities and services as well as to get basic equipment. We could do so much MORE to spread God’s Message with your help!

Who covers the cost for running TLIG Radio? Up to date the total cost has been covered by the volunteers who also do the daily radio work.

Is there a bank account in which to place donations? No. Due to costly and mostly bureaucratic procedures, TLIG Radio is not registered as a non-profitable organisation in any country, thus we do not have a dedicated bank account.

How can I donate/support TLIG Radio? You can directly pay for critically needed utilities and services as well as to buy basic equipment.

I want to donate/support, what’s next? Please send “I wish to donate/support” via our online Contact Form and our team will get back to you by explaining what are the current needs. Thank you and God bless you.

In Christ,
TLIG Radio Team