3 July 1996, Vassula prays:

I thank You that You are pouring out
Your Riches, Your Gifts and Your Favours on us, O Lord!

With the Power of Your Spirit,
You will destroy the wisdom of the wise
and bring to nothing all the learning of the learned;
You will scatter the philosophers and bring them down;

O Holy One, come!
demonstrate the Power of Your Power, [1]
demonstrate the Power of Your Holy Spirit,
demonstrate the Power of Your Goodness,
demonstrate the Power of Your Faithfulness,
Your Intimacy, Your Joy, and Your Love;

Leavened we must become; [2]
grant us then this favour, O Lord,
grant us this favour to overpower evil,
and get rid of all the old yeast of evil and wickedness
that still remains in us,
by replacing it by a fresh batch of yeast!

1. Meaning: “demonstrate the Power of Your Kingdom”.
2. Allusion to Lk. 13:20, the parable of the yeast.