Of Humility, Contrition and Reconciliation

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My Jesus, Divine Mercy

2 November 1997, the Lord gives the prayer: “my Jesus, Divine Mercy, I lacked confidence in You and so I have brought Your Heart to distress; I now ask You in my bareness and in all humility to be forgiven […]

Almighty God

24 March 1988, the Virgin Mary gives the prayer: “Almighty God, teach Your servant Your Ways, teach me humility, patience and love, guide me in Your Path of Righteousness and Virtues, I surrender myself to You, offering You my will, […]

Behold Father

1 March 1988, the Lord gives the prayer: “behold Father, what You have in Your sight, You have Wretchedness, forgive me Father, for I am not worthy to have been given all those graces, I merit nothing for I am […]