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Lord All Merciful


In 1991 August 30, Vassula prays: Lord all Merciful, let those who say: “We will go our own way,” return to You; and those Christians who say to the Pope: “We will go our own way;” return and obey the […]

My Lord Let Them See


In 1989 July 25, Vassula prays: My Lord, let them see Your Jealous Love. You are our Peace and Hope. We do not deserve Your Love nor Your Mercy. Be with us for we are weak and frail like flowers […]

My King Lead Every Soul to the Truth


In 1989 November 23, Vassula prays: “My King, lead every soul to the Truth, that they may glorify You around one single Tabernacle, let those who hear and hear again, but not understand, understand this time, and those that see […]