For Grace

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Lord Allow Me To Serve You


In 1991 October 24, Vassula prays: Lord, allow me to serve You. This is my due to You now. You are known for Your Mercy and I know that if I cling to You, You will not just shake me […]

Father Come to Our Help


In 1991 July 23, the Lord gives this prayer: Father, come to our help and guide our steps to perfection, bring back our divinity and make us the perfect dwelling of Your Holiness; amen;

Holy Spirit Descend Upon Us


In 1988 March 26, the Lord gives this prayer: “Holy Spirit descend upon us, renewing us, fill our soul with Your Love, rest in our tormented soul, giving us Peace, envelop us with Your wings sheltering us from all evil, […]

Help me Father


In 1986 September 27, the Lord gives this prayer: help me Father and lead me to Your pastures of repose, where everlasting pure water flows, be my Light to show me the Way; with You by your side will I […]