February 18, 2021

recently, just recently I have heard litanies to speed up My Return with constant praise, My beloved; I am anxious to save My people from ruin, but look! ecclesia shall revive, splendid in its stature with people once more thronging round My holy Altar, reaching out for My Cup;

when you come to present yourself before Me, I will be offering you the Bread and Wine of Life; from thereon I will not ignore your prayers nor will I deprive you of My Love; your Mighty King who laid out His Life for you tell you once again: I will grant you the safety your sigh for; I will bring you Home! in the House of Yahweh in which you always belonged; in full Assembly Yahweh will receive you enfolding you in His Embrace; the Holy One will shed His Light on you while you will be enjoying His sweetness;

pay tribute to Me, your God, as My angels do in My Sacred Courts, and do not share the fate of sinners who remain divided but join in the procession round My Altar, for all of you are one to Me! ic