Consecration To The Sacred Heart

In 1992 January 16, the Lord gives the following prayer: Vassula of My Sacred Heart, do you want to consecrate yourself entirely to Me? Yes, my Lord, I want. then say these words: Sacred Heart of Jesus, come and invade me completely so that my motives will […]

Father May We Be United


In 1988 April 19, Vassula prays: Father, may we be united with one Faith and one Baptism under Your Holy Name; may we be one in You as You, Jesus, are one with our Father, keep us in Your Name, which you have given us. Amen.

O Royal Virgin


In 1998 April 9, Vassula prays: O Royal Virgin, inseparably united to Jesus’ Heart, I offer You all the sinners of the world who offend Your Son in the Blessed Sacrament, may they who strike Him, be forgiven by God through Your Innocence, Your Blessedness and Your […]

Jesus Let Your Holy Face Smile on Us


In 1992 January 20, Vassula prays: Jesus, let Your Holy Face smile on us, and we shall revive. Our division devoured us like fire; since You alone perform marvels, bring us together, and let men renounce their folly; Your Plan is to unite us by unifying the […]

Lord Allow Me To Serve You


In 1991 October 24, Vassula prays: Lord, allow me to serve You. This is my due to You now. You are known for Your Mercy and I know that if I cling to You, You will not just shake me off; I know You will rescue me. […]

Lord All Merciful


In 1991 August 30, Vassula prays: Lord all Merciful, let those who say: “We will go our own way,” return to You; and those Christians who say to the Pope: “We will go our own way;” return and obey the Pope. Let their human pride lower its […]

Father Come to Our Help


In 1991 July 23, the Lord gives this prayer: Father, come to our help and guide our steps to perfection, bring back our divinity and make us the perfect dwelling of Your Holiness; amen;

Father Blessed Be Your Name


In 1991 March 25, the Lord gives this prayer: Father, blessed be Your Name; since Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, came to the world, not to condemn it, but to save the world, have Mercy upon us, look at Your Son’s Holy Wounds, that are wide open […]

Lord My God Save Us in Your Love


In 1990 April 30, Vassula prays: Lord, my God, save us in Your Love, raise us in Your Light and with Your Infinite Mercy forgive us; make us strong in faith, unite us to be one, so that we may say together, around one Holy Tabernacle: “There […]

My Lord Let Them See


In 1989 July 25, Vassula prays: My Lord, let them see Your Jealous Love. You are our Peace and Hope. We do not deserve Your Love nor Your Mercy. Be with us for we are weak and frail like flowers and we need Your Sap to nourish […]

My King Lead Every Soul to the Truth


In 1989 November 23, Vassula prays: “My King, lead every soul to the Truth, that they may glorify You around one single Tabernacle, let those who hear and hear again, but not understand, understand this time, and those that see and see again, but not perceive, perceive […]

The Memorare of St Bernard

In the True Life in God messages Jesus asks us to pray this prayer daily: Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary that never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help and sought Thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, […]

Holy Spirit Descend Upon Us


In 1988 March 26, the Lord gives this prayer: “Holy Spirit descend upon us, renewing us, fill our soul with Your Love, rest in our tormented soul, giving us Peace, envelop us with Your wings sheltering us from all evil, humble us, guide us in Your Light […]

O Holy Mother


In 1988 January 25, the Lord gives this prayer: “O Holy Mother, I will amend for the offences being said on Your Immaculate Heart, by willing to become a victim of love for Love, amen”